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SESSION 1:  1/2-2/23
SESSION 2: 2/26-4/20
SESSION 3: 4/23-6/15
SESSION 4: 6/18-8/10
SESSION 5: 8/13-10/5
SESSION 6: 10/8-12/14

We still have open classes available!
Call for more information and class times. 

 Phone #: (614) 539-5970



In our Beginner Tumbling class students will learn the much needed basic foundational skills that will allow them to build upon their tumbling foundation for years to come. Starting with the most important skill of all, the handstand and working all the way to the bridge kickover. Other skills such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, round-offs and front limbers will also be introduced and worked on in this class. The over all focus of this class will be to develop strong basic skills, muscle development and the tumbling coordination they will need to help them further their tumbling career.

Beginner Tumbling Requirements


Beginner Tumbling Entry Skills

*Handstand Flatback
*Forward Roll
*Standing to Bridge

Beginner Tumbling Elite Skills

*Front Limber
*Round Off
*Backward Roll
*Bridge Kickover on Wedge Mat


Our Novice Class requires student to have a bridge kickover and should have completed our beginner class. During this class we will continue to perfect the skills they have been taught and take those skill to the next level. We will do so by adding skills together such as round-off jump back drill and cartwheel back walkover. This will help prepare them for the more difficult skills soon to come. By breaking down the more difficult skills such as a back handspring into pieces we can teach these skills more efficiently and at a faster rate. At the end of this class students should be able to perform a handspring without a spot on our Tumble Trak.

Novice Tumbling Requirements

Need to have mastered the skills from Beginner Class

Novice Tumbling Entry Skills

*Handstand (Hollow Body)
*Round off Jump Back
*Bridge Kickover on Floor
*Back Extension Roll
*Punch Front (Drills)

Novice Tumbling Elite Skills

*Front Walkover
*Back Handspring on Octagon
*Back Walkover
*Handspring on Tumble Trak
*Cartwheel Back Walkover


Our intermediate class requires students to have a back handspring on the Tumble Trak and should have completed our novice tumbling class. A big part of this class will be the development of the back handspring, standing and running. We will also continue to work the combination passes that are much needed for competition cheer and just look great for sideline cheerleaders. A little more focus will now be put on some of the forward skill such as punch fronts and front walkovers while still getting student ready for the back tuck. Once student develop their handsprings to a point that they can create enough power the back Tuck will be introduced.

Intermediate Tumbling Requirements

Need to have mastered the skills from Beginner Class and Novice Class

Intermediate Tumbling Entry Skills

*Handstand Pops
*Round Off Handspring
*Front Walkover Round Off
*Back Walkover Handspring
*Standing Handspring

Intermediate Tumbling Elite Skills

*Punch Front on Tumble Trak
*Roundoff Double Handspring
*Front Walkover Handspring
*Set/Tuck Drills
*Roundoff Handspring Tuck on Tumble Trak


Our advanced class requires students to have a round-off back handspring tuck on the Tumble Trak and should have completed our intermediate tumbling class. This class will focus on the development of the tucks and layouts. We will do so by adding the fine details to the handsprings, this will help gain the much needed power to perform these skill properly. Once students have obtained the proper technique for the tuck and layout they will be properly prepare for the twisting skill in the next level.

Advanced Tumbling Requirements

Need to have mastered the skills from Intermediate Class, Beginner Class and Novice Class

Advanced Tumbling Entry Skills

*Jump to Handspring
*Handspring to Tuck on Tumble Trak
*Punch Front
*Round Off Handspring Tuck

Advanced Tumbling Elite Skills

*Double Handspring Layout
*Round Off Handspring Layout
*Standing Tuck
*Front Walkover Handspring Tuck


Our Elite Tumbling class requires students to have a round-off back handspring layout and should have completed our advance tumbling class. In our Elite class we will teach students how to and more importantly when to spin in their fulls. Learning the proper timing of the full is essential to developing a strong full that will allow them the ability to perform their full in standing tumbling and to prepare them for their double full. Students will also learn the more elite transition skills such as whips, arabians, and a punch front step out. The sky is the limit in this class.

Elite Tumbling Requirements

Need to have mastered the skills from Advanced, Intermediate Class, Beginner Class and Novice Class

Elite Tumbling Entry Skills

*Jump to Tuck
*Round Off Handspring to Full
*Punch Front Step Out

Elite Tumbling Elite Skills

*Standing Full
*Roundoff Handspring Double Full
*Double Handspring Full


Our Intro to Cheer class will focus on laying a strong foundation for their cheerleading career, whether it being all-star cheerleading or sideline cheering. We will teach proper motion placement, jump technique, basic dance moves, and the small intricate transitional skills needed such as the all famous booty roll. Each week approximately 1/3 of the time will be spent on these skills and the remainder time will be spent teaching the entree level tumbling skills from our beginner and novice tumbling classes.

Intro to Cheerleading Cheer Skills

*Jump Approach
*Seat Rolls and Transitions
*Motion Introduction
*Basic Cheer Dance

Intro to Cheerleading Tumbling Skills

*All Beginner Tumbling Class Skills
*All Novice Tumbling Class Skills


Our Advance Cheer class is designed to take students skills to a more elite level. More advanced motions and dance will be done at a faster pace.  All motions and dance moves will be broken down to make sure they are done correct and proper. We will teach our students how to connect multiple jumps and show them the proper way to land to connect tumbling to their jumps when ready. At this point students should be ready to move on to more advance tumbling. We will continue to perfect their entree level skills and work on the skills from our Intermediate Tumbling class.

Advanced Cheerleading Cheer Skills

*Advanced Jump Technique
*Fast Pace Punched Motions
*Proper Motion Placement
*Higher Level Dance Skills

Advanced Cheerleading Tumbling Skills

*All Intermediate Tumbling Class Skills