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SESSION 1:  1/2-2/23
SESSION 2: 2/26-4/20
SESSION 3: 4/23-6/15
SESSION 4: 6/18-8/10
SESSION 5: 8/13-10/5
SESSION 6: 10/8-12/14

We still have open classes available!
Call for more information and class times. 

 Phone #: (614) 539-5970

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The Cheer Center offers several types of classes to fit your child's needs for any level of cheerleading.  If you have never had any experience, if you want to cheer on a rec league team, junior high or high school team, All star competition team, or prepare for college....we have a class for you!!

The Cheer Center also has a dance program to prepare you for our all star dance teams for jazz, pom, and hip hop. Come try it out!

Types of classes include:

CHEER CLASSES- 1/2 hour of tumbling and 1/2 hour cheers, motions, and jumps.

TUMBLING CLASSES-1 hour of tumbling with a focus on skills appropriate to level of ability.

STUNTING CLASSES- Classes to prepare you for guy/girl partner stunting for college.

GROUP TUMBLING - We offer a special rate to school teams that would like to come as a group for a tumbling class.

HIP HOP CLASSES- We offer beginning classes to get you prepared for our all star competition teams.


  • Maximum of 7 students per class
  • Payment must be received by first class of the session.  If you cancel, you may call for a makeup class
  • Call in if you will be missing a class
  • Make-ups must be scheduled within the session unless due to an injury
  • REFUNDS will not be given once classes begin, unless due to an injury


This class is offered to the energetic 3-5 yr. old.  The class offers the basics of tumbling skills, such as rolls, bridge kickovers, cartwheels, and handstands while developing balance and body awareness.

icon NOVICE 1

(Cheer or Tumble)  Beginning skills.  Students will strengthen muscles and develop coordination skills, while learning handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs and bridge kickovers.  The cheer class will also work on proper jump technique and basic jump skills.  The cheer class will include motion placement and beginning cheers.

icon NOVICE 2

(Cheer or Tumble)  Students must have good knowledge of a cartwheel and roundoff.  This class will focus on perfecting the cartwheel and roundoff technique and will introduce backhandspring drills and technique.  This class will also begin teaching front and back walkovers.  The cheer class will continue with jump skills and advancement in motions.


(Cheer or Tumble)  Students must have good knowledge of a backhandspring and the proper technique.  This class will work on perfecting and mastering this skill to be done with no spotter.  Will continue to perfect the front and back walkover.  This class will introduce the roundoff-backhandspring.  The cheer class will continue to perfect jumps and motions.


Students must have a backhandspring without a spotter for this class level.  The class will continue working on the roundoff-backhandspring to a mastery level.  The class will introduce series tumbling and also begin working on technique of tucks.


Students must have a backhandspring series, & roundoff backhandspring series without a spot for this class level.  This class will perfect series, tucks, and roundoff backhandspring tucks. 


Students must have standing and running backhandspring series, as well as a roundoff backhandspring tuck without a spot.  This class will perfect those skills and will introduce layouts, toe-touch tucks, and standing backhandspring tucks, etc.


Students must have a layout and are ready to begin full twists, arabians, whipbacks, x-outs and variations of standing tumbling including punch fronts.

icon ELITE

Students must have a full twist and are ready to begin double fulls and specialty passes.


This class is to prepare you for school or any team tryouts.  This class will include detailing motions, jumps, voice, showmanship, and tumbling.  The focus is how to present yourself to the judges.  Will include learning a cheer and a dance.  We have had great results from this class!  ONLY OFFERED January - May. 

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